Resources are the driving fuel of any organization. At Idyllicpro, we cater to your continuous hiring and training needs. We help companies connect to the best workforce and vice versa.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution in the area of Human Resource Hiring and Training them you have come to the right destination – It provides human resource services that include hiring personnel as well as to conduct activities to train and develop them into perfect company personnel. The company will help in addressing the performance problems and also help prepare an employee for a management role. Along with the formal training courses which include web-based training, instructor-led sessions, and seminars. HR activities deals in managing the employee programs such as orientation sessions, leadership development workshops, policy and procedure awareness sessions, and other options designed to enable your employees and in turn your company to be successful.

What We Do

  • We provide specialized training and consulting services to several organizations in all the HR verticals and skills for Managers, Learning and Development, Compensation and Management, Talent Acquisition and Organizational Development
  • We have a globalized, exceptional quality, and a practical approach to HR training.
  • We support and mentor several HR projects in a number of organizations annually through our faculty, consulting team and project guidance cell.